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Sqlways.ini File - Section [JPL]

This article describes sqlways.ini file [JPL] section and options it contains.

Option name Description
CONNECTION This option controls generation of connections in jpl code. If this option is empty or DEFAULT is specified SQLWays will generate connections in all classes with Embedded SQL. If this option is set to MAP SQLWays will generate connection mapping code and instance method, no matter whether the DML statements are used or not. If SINGLE is specified, SQLWays will generate connection code in separate class if DML statements are used.
OVERALL_TRY_CATCH This option whether the generated JPL code will be placed inside the TRY CATCH block. If this options is set to “Yes”, TRY CATCH block will be generated. If option is set to “No”, will be used default conversion.
Possible values “Yes”, “No” or empty.
Default value - “Yes”.



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