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How to Extract Piece of Data Using Conditions

Sometimes may appear situation when you will need to migrate only a piece of data or a data cut and you know the conditions, how this piece of data can be defined. So there is a feature in the SQLWays Wizard tool that allows to control the data that should be migrated. And user can set such conditions for each table if required.

To use this feature please:

  1. Click on a required table
  2. Go to the “Data” tab
  3. Please check “Condition” option on this tab
  4. In the text box provide conditions like it can be done in WHERE clause, using the sql syntax of your source database.

For the reference please see the screen-shot below:

If after clicking the table name, you don't see the “Data” tab, please check whether you are using the tool in the “Expert Mode”. On how to to switch the tool to the “Expert mode”, you can find here: How to Switch to the Expert Mode

If you will have any other questions please feel free to mail us:

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