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How to: collect metrics on Oracle Forms/Reports/Menus/Libraries

To collect metrics on Oracle Forms/Reports/Menus/Libraries you can use the method below:

First, extract all Oracle objects from BINARY format to XML:

  • Oracle Forms (*.fmb) → *.xml
  • Oracle Menus (*.mmb) → *.xml
  • Oracle Reports (*.rdf) → *.xml
  • Oracle Libraries (*.pll)→ *.pld

For more information on extracting Oracle objects, please see this article

You can also use the scripts that we’ve created specifically for our customers. These scripts should be run on the PC where Oracle is installed.

After that, all Oracle Forms should be placed to C:\Forms\ (*.fmb);

All Oracle Menus should be placed to C:\Menus\ (*.mmb) ;

All Oracle Reports should be placed to C:\ Reports\ (*.rdf);

All Oracle Libraries should be placed to C:\ pll\ (*.pll)

Then run CMD from your Oracle BIN directory (ex., C:\oracle\ora92\bin\) so that the command batches could appear:

  • f2xml.bat – to extract FORMS
  • pll2xml.bat – to extract LIBRARIES
  • r2xml.bat – to extract REPORTS
  • m2xml.bat – to extract MENUS

After all XML have been extracted, you can count the number of lines of code for every object type. To count the number of LOC you can use Ispirer Migration and Modernization Assessment Toolkit. To get a free Ispirer MnMATK, you need to request a quote for your migration project. Information on the toolkit and download links will be sent to you via email.

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