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TNS Service Name Configuration

TNS Service name is the local name of the remote Oracle service.

To specify the TNS Service name you need to start “Oracle Net Configuration Assistant”. Please see the screen-shot below for the information about how to find it:

Please, perform the following steps for the Net Service Name configuration:

a. Please, choose “Local Net Service Name configuration” radio button from a list. Click “Next”.

b. Choose “Add”. Click “Next”.

c. Please choose the version of Oracle database or service you are connecting to. Click “Next”.

d. Now you need to specify the database service name that you are connecting to. Normally it's Global Database Name given on the installation of the Server. Click “Next”.

e. Choose the network protocol. Normally it's TCP/IP. Click “Next”.

f. Please, specify the “Host name” of the Oracle Server and the port to use. Like in the second stage. Click “Next”.

g. Now please Test the connection. Click “Next”.

h. If you changed the password for the system user on the Server Installation, than you will see that “The test did not succeed”. Please, click “Change Login”, specify new login and see the result again. Click “Next”.

i. Now Please specify the TNS Service name that you will use in your ODBC driver. Click “Next”.

j. Complete the Net service name specification.

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