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Specify Database Objects or Query Page

This Wizard page lets you specify the list of objects to convert or the query.

Specify Objects

As the default the “Specify Objects” option is chosen in the combo-box on the page.

You can chose any or all the objects on the left for the conversion.

Use Query

With the “Use Query” option you can specify the query either in the text-box or in the file that will be used for DDL and data migration.

  • Specify a SQL Query Statement

You can specify the SQL statement of any complexity in this option that conforms to the source database syntax rules. As the result the DDL for the result table is created with the columns and the appropriate datatypes specified. The data returned by the query is stored in this table.

The columns of the result table are named like specified in the query, or the alias name is taken if it is specified in the query. If only one table is specified in the FROM clause then this table name will be used to name the result table. If there are two or more tables specified the result table name will be unknown.

  • Specify a File Containing a SQL Query Statement

The SQL statement may be stored in the separate file and used the same way as in the “Specify a SQL Query Statement” option.

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