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How to Change Objects Names During the Migration

Ispirer MnMTK allows to change objects names during the migration. There are 2 ways to do this:

  • To change names mapping in Ispirer SQLWays Wizard
  • To change names mapping using project file

Change Names Mapping in Ispirer SQLWays Wizard

For making changes to objects names mapping first of all make sure that the tool is used in "Expert Mode" . Then go to 'Conversion Options' page of Ispirer SQLWays Wizard, choose required objects type and schema on the left pane and make the required changes on the right pane as it is shown on the screenshot below.

Change Names Mapping Using Project File

You can also make required changes in the project file. The project file contains the information about the objects that were specified for conversion in the current migration process. To make the changes please go to the project directory and make the changes in sqlways.xml file. You can also copy the project file from other project directories to restore the changes from that migration process.

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