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How to Work With Parser Errors

What is the Parser Error

After the conversion process you may see that some objects or scripts were not converted due to the parser errors. It means that conversion tool failed when trying to analyze the code of the object or a file. In other words some unknown statements or constructions were found inside the object or script that we try to convert.

How to solve Parser Errors

Good news is that such kind of errors are very easy to fix and don't require any complex actions or tunings from your side.
All you need is just to send a code of a failed objects or scripts to our support team - and we will extend the parser technology based on the constructions of your code for free. And in a couple of days provide you extended version of the toolkit for you. So that you could continue to use the migration tool.

How to Find Parser Errors in Reports

Parser errors may occur during conversion. To make it convenient to view error messages, the Ispirer Toolkit provides an opportunity to view a full report with the results of the conversion. You can also see error messages in the sqlways.log file located in the export directory.

To open the report, go to the “Completing Page” and click on the “Review Full Report” button.

On the opened page you can see the information about objects and errors. To see the errors for a specific object type, please click on the object type in the “Information Table” (for example “Views”).

This page displays the object names and error messages. If in the Error Message column there are Parser Errors, it means that tool was not able to read and analyze the source code of the object and parser failed.

You can also click on “Errors Summary” on the “Migration Report” html page. On this page you will see the entire list of errors, including parser errors.

In order to solve the error, please, send the source code of the object(s) or the statement on which the error occurs to The source code can be found in the source database, or you can open the export directory, find the SQL file with the object name and open it. It contains the source code, which you can send us. We will analyze the code and prepare a version of the Ispirer Toolkit that will parse the source code.

If you have any additional questions, please contact us:

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