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Microsoft SQL Server ODBC Driver Installation

Check ODBC Data Source

Please check whether you already have Microsoft SQL Server ODBC driver installed in your machine. You can check it on the ODBC Data Source Administrator on the Driver tab.
If you see ODBC driver, then just tune the ODBC connection to the required SQL Server database.
If you don't see the SQL Server ODBC, then please proceed with installation and follow instructions below.

Driver Installation

To install the ODBC driver for MS SQL Server please follow the steps below:

  • Find sqlncli.msi in the folder with the SQL Server installation files or download it from Microsoft Corp. site using the link below:

  • Once the installation is completed, run the downloaded file to install the package.

After you have installed the client, the “ODBC Data Source Administrator” should be upgraded as shown in the example below:

SQL Native Client  appears for the SQL Server 2005.
SQL Server Native Client 10.0 appears for SQL Server 2008.

After the ODBC driver was installed on your machine, please tune the ODBC Connection. How to do that is described in the following article: How to tune ODBC connection to SQL Server Database

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