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Welcome Page

On the Welcome we need to enter the license information and provide the project directory.

Enter the License Information

To register the tool we need to click “Enter License” button and in the opened window click “Read from file”.

After that we need to find the file with the license and open it.

Then registration name and registration number should appear in appropriate windows and you will need to click “Register”:

Project Directory

After the tool registration we need to provide the project directory. In this directory our tool will generate project file that will store information about the current migration process.

If required user can manually check and modify project file. It can be done in the Summary Page, by clicking “Edit Project File” button.

Please note: you can get the demo license of this tool at our official web site

If you will have some questions or face with some difficulties please contact our support team:

Ispirer Home Page Ispirer SQLWays Product Page Request SQLWays

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