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Description of the sqlways.xml file

Example of the sqlways.xml file with local and global data type mapping:

<?xml version="1.0" ?> 
<DatabaseInfo DatabaseName="TEST3" DbmsType="3" DbmsName="Adaptive Server Anywhere" DbmsVersion="09.00.0002" MajorDbmsVersion="9" MinorDbmsVersion="0"        DataDriverName="DBODBC9.DLL" DataDriverVersion="09.00.0002" ODBCVersion="03.52.0000">
  <ResolvedDataTypes load="1">
    <DataType name="TEXT" type="LONG VARCHAR" length="2147483647" completeName="TEXT" target="VARCHAR" /> 
  <Tables load="1">
   <Table schema="CLAIMS" name="tb_claims" rows_search="" rows_search_using="0">
     <Column name="col1" nullable="1" target="col12">
      <DataType name="INT" type="INTEGER" precision="10" minScale="0" maxScale="0" fixedPrecScale="No" completeName="INT" target="NUMERIC" /> 
   <Table schema="CLAIMS" name="tb1" /> 
   <Table schema="CLAIMS" name="test1" /> 
   <Table schema="CLAIMS" name="test2" /> 
   <Table schema="DBA" name="APORTMAP" rows_search="" rows_search_using="0" /> 

Tag <DatabaseInfo> - describes the database from which objects are selected.

Tag <SelectedObjects> - describes objects to be converted.

Tag <ResolvedDataTypes> - describes global data type mapping to be changed from default.

Tag <Tables> - represents all selected objects.

Tag <Table> - describes the table.

Tag <Columns> - contains all columns in the table to be changed from default conversion.

Tag <Column> - describes column name mapping.

Tag <Datatype> describe datatype mapping for specific column.

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