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Command-line Options

Syntax Description Example Default Value
/D Data source name (ODBC alias) /D=ODBC_conect
/U User name /U=sa
/P Password /P=pass
/O Convert all objects according to template /O=*.*
/T Table name, list of tables or table template /T=dbo1.*
/V View name, list or template /V=someschema.v*
/SP Stored procedure name, list or template /V=any.sp_*
/FN Function name, list or template /V=all.fn_*
/TG Trigger name, list or template /V=trigger1
/PKG Package name, list or template /V=pkg1
/UA User account, list or template /UA=*.*
/SQ Sequence name, list or template /SQ=*.*
/SN Synonym name, list or template /SN=*.*
/EX Expression name, list or template /EX=*.*
/F Script files path, name, list or template /F=*.sql; /F=*.*; etc.
/FF Text file with the list of script files path, name, list or template /FF=file_list.txt
The contents of the file_list.txt Like:
/S SELECT statement /S=SELECT * FROM Tab1
/SF File containing SELECT statement /SF=S:\Select_stmt_folder\select_file.sql
/SROW Start row /SROW=10 1
/CNROWS Number of rows to be exported /CNROWS=100 all rows
/SOURCE Type of source database/application: /SOURCE=Oracle
/TARGET Type of target database/application: /TARGET=DB2 the same as for the /SOURCE
Access - Access database
Advantage - Advantage database
ANTS - ANTS database
CPP - C++
C# - C#
DB2 - DB2 database
Excel - Excel
Foxpro - Foxpro database
Informix - Informix database
Informix 4GL - Informix 4GL
Informix 4GL form - Informix 4GL form
Ingres - Ingres database
Interbase - Interbase database
Java - Java
KSH - Korn Shell
Lotus - Lotus database
MSSQL - Microsoft SQL Server database
MySQL - MySQL database
Neoview - Neoview database
Object Pal - Object Pal
Oracle - Oracle database
Oracle OCI - Oracle OCI
Paradox - Paradox database
Paradox FSL - Paradox FSL
Paradox RSL - Paradox RSL
Pascal - Pascal
Pascal FRM - Pascal FRM
PB - PowerBuilder
Perl - Perl
Pervasive - Pervasive.SQL database
PostgreSQL - PostgreSQL database
Progress - Progress database
Progress 4GL - Progress 4GL
Python - Python
RDL - Report Definition Language
Solid - Solid database
Sybase - Sybase database
Sybase API - Sybase API
SybaseASA - Sybase Adaptive Server Anywhere database
SybaseASE - Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise database
Teradata - Teradata database
VB - Visual Basic
VBNET - Visual Basic.NET
/SOURCE_DB Type of source database in application: /SOURCE_DB=Oracle
/TARGET_DB Type of target database in application: /TARGET_DB=Informix the same as for the /SOURCE_DB)
/SOURCE_API Type of source database API in application: /SOURCE_API=Oracle OCI
/TARGET_API Type of target database API in application: /TARGET_API=ODBC the same as for the /SOURCE_API
/TPROD Product of the target database:
DB2zOS - IBM DB2 for z/OS and OS/390
DB2iSeries - IBM DB2 for iSeries
SybaseASE - Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise
SybaseASA - Sybase Adaptive Server Anywhere
/TPROD=DB2zOS none
/TVER Target database version /TVER=5.4
/TH Target host/server name /TH=CompName
/TD Target database name /TD=Tdatabase
/TU User name for the target database /TU=ora
/TP User password for the target database /TP=tpassword
/IMPORD Migration sequence:
Clean - Create constraints before importing data
Fast - Import data before creating constraints and indexes
Ready - Create constraints and indexes before importing data
/MIGS=Fast Clean
/IMPS Import system:
Windows - Microsoft Windows
Unix - Unix family
/IMPS=Unix Windows
/DIR Directory for export files /DIR=“C:\Some Import Dir\” current
/LOBDIR Directory for LOB files /LOBDIR=C:\Lobs_dir subdirectory LOBS of /DIR
/IMPDIR Directory where import will be executed /IMPDIR=S:\import\direct1 /DIR
/IMPLOB Import directory for LOBs /IMPLOB=S:\import\direct1\LOBS subdir LOBS of /IMPDIR
/OSN Output schema (owner) name /OSN=dbo1 the source schema
/OTN Output table name /OTN=new_tab_name name of the source table
/OFN Output files name /OFN=new_tab_name name of the output table
/OTF Output text file name (possibly with an extension) /OTF=new_table_name.txt
/DDL Generate DDL statements only /DDL
/OF Output format:
CSV - Column-delimited (CSV) output format
FIX - Fixed positions output format
TAB - TAB-delimited format
INS - SQL INSERT statements
XML - XML output format
BTR - Btrieve output format
/OF=CSV depends on /TARGET
/CDEL Column delimiter /CDEL=SWV_CDEL comma
/LDEL Line delimiter /LDEL=SWV_LDEL carriage return and new line symbols
/DECPT Decimal point character /DECPT=, period
/STDEL Statement termination string /STDEL=; semicolon
/LOBIN Write the LOB data inside the text file /LOBIN
/TABLST Generate list of tables available by using template /T only /TABLST
/R Rows prefetch count /R=2000 1000
/INI Initialization file /INI=S:\SQLWays\sqlways1.ini sqlways.ini
/PRJF Include Project file to migration process /PRJF=“C:\Program Files\Ispirer\SQLWays\sqlways.xml” sqlways.xml
/NSTOP Continue when an error occurs /NSTOP
/GCMD General command file name /GCMD=sqlways_all.bat depends on /IMPS
/NODDL Not generate DDL scripts /NODDL
/NOCMD Not generate OS command files /NOCMD
/RC Generate replication scripts /RC
/RPT Report file name /RPT=sqlways_report.html sqlways_report.html
/LOG Log file name /LOG=sqlways1.log sqlways.log
/TRACE Run in trace mode /TRACE
/REG Run for registration /REG
/UNREG Run for unregistration /UNREG
/HELP Show help information /HELP
/TEST Generates testing scripts for destination database /TEST
/STATS Collects statistics about DML objects along with conversion.
If it is defined as LOC then only statistics about DML objects are collected only
If it is defined as DETAIL then statistics about all statements are collected along with data export.
/ASSESS Collects statistics about all statements without data export /ASSESS

/FF option usage Example:

 sqlways.exe /D=FIXED /SOURCE=Progress 4GL /TARGET=CS /FF=S:\Sqlways\Test\Auto\Progress 4GL\For Converter\CS\Ispirer\Option_FF_absolute\Objects.txt /INI=sqlways.ini /DIR=rslt
 The contents of the Objects.txt can be as follows:
 S:\Sqlways\Test\Auto\Progress 4GL\For Converter\CS\Ispirer\Option_FF_absolute\src\bo\AbcCode\AbcCode.p
 S:\Sqlways\Test\Auto\Progress 4GL\For Converter\CS\Ispirer\Option_FF_absolute\src\bo\zKey\zKey.p
 S:\Sqlways\Test\Auto\Progress 4GL\For Converter\CS\Ispirer\Option_FF_absolute\src\lib\GetLangDesc.i

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