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Sqlways.ini File - Section [CS]

This article describes sqlways.ini file's [CS] section and options it contains.

Option name Description
PREFIX_NAMESPACE This option defines the prefix to the namespace.
CONVERT_DEPEND_LIBS This option defines whether the depended libraries should be converted or not. If the it's specified to YES, our tool converts the depended libraries. If NO is specified, SQLWays converts only a specific object from project file.
Possible values - “Yes”, “No”.
Default value - “Yes”.
GENERATE_MISSED This option defines whether missed files should be generated or not. If it is set to YES missed files will be generated as stubs. If it is set to No missed files will not be generated by the tool.
Possible values - “Yes”, “No”.
Default value - “No”.
DATA_MODEL This option defines data model type.
Possible values - “DBML”, “EDM”.
Default value - “DBML”.
SORT_BY_EXTENSION This option helps to sort the generated results by their extensions.
Possible values - “Yes”, “No” or Empty.
Default value - “No” or Empty.
UI_TYPE This option defines the user interface type, for example “ASPNET” or “WPF”. For the whole list of supported user interface types please contact our support team: .
WEBTECHNOLOGY This option defines the web technology that will be used by the tool, for example “WebForms”. For the whole list of supported web technologies, please contact our support team: .



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