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Lines of Code

To determine how many lines of code there is in your DB2 AS/400 database you can use the System i Navigator client. Select “Databases”→“Database Name”→“Schemas”→“Schema Name”, then right click to select “Generate SQL”.

Another window will open. Here you should select “Write to file” and choose “File type” as “PC file” and specify the file location. After all these steps have been completed, click on the “Generate” button.

Now you can find the created SQL file at the specified location.

You can use any text editor to count the number of lines of code. To find out the number of lines of code, you should scroll to the end of the file and click the last line. On the lower right corner you will be able to see the number of this last line which is the number of lines of code in your SQL file.

So you can use the generated SQL file to count the lines of codes of exported objects.

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