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Data Volume

You can get information about amount of data in your database in a Control Center. You need to be connected to your Database as administrator:

Lines of Code

To know the number of lines of code in your DB2 Database you can use Control Centre. Select the database and click on the right mouse button and select “Generate DDL”.

It will open another window.On the first tab of this window you can choose operators that be included in your DDL.

On the second tab you need to choose User and SCHEMA.Also you can choose all users and all schemas.If you choose one schema and all tables in DDL will be included all the objects for this schema such as tables,views,functions,stored procedures. If you choose some tables DDL will contain these tables and all the objects that refers to this tables.

After choosing user and schema click on the “Generate” button.And you will see generated SQL-script.You can save it by clicking on the “Save” button.

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