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Delphi - Objects, Libraries and Files


Delphi application is a collection of objects such as Forms, Menu, Buttons, Labels, DBGrid etc.

  • Data Controls Objects

Delphi applications are often centered around databases. Data Controls objects are used to retrieve, display, and manipulate data. See Data Controls Objects for more information.


Delphi components are stored in one or more libraries (.PAS or .DPK files). During application compiling, Delphi retrieves the objects from the libraries.


Delphi application consists of the following files:

  • .LIB - Library files
  • .DFM - Form source files
  • .PAS - Application source files
  • .CFG - Config files
  • .DCU - Precompiled files
  • .DOF - Delphi object files
  • .EXE - Application files
  • .DPR - Project files
  • .RES - Project files
  • .~<extension> - Previous version of file

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