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How does SQLWays manage errors?

  • There are three types of errors that might occur during the migration:

    1. Export error – when our tool cannot recognize some part of the source code. In this case the error is raised on the export and depicted in the sqlways.log file after the migration.

    2. Import error – when our tool made the conversion incorrectly or it doesn’t correspond to the syntax supported in the database. In this case the error is raised on the import and depicted in the sqlways_imp.log after the migration.

    3. BL (Business Logics) error – sometimes the target (result) syntax is correct, but it works incorrectly. The object is created but returns another result different from the result that returns the source SQL Code or simply returns the error. BL error is the most difficult to find error as it raised only when you check the work of the target database manually or through the application using the converted database.

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