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IBM DB2 z/OS and OS/390 to Oracle Migration Demo

Preparing for Migration

  1. Install DB2 Connect, DB2 ODBC Driver and configure connection to DB2 z/OS from a PC where SQLWays installed. Guide on How to Do That
  2. Install Oracle Client software and tune the TNS Service name for Oracle. How to Tune the TNS Service Name

Performing Migration

Install SQLWays application, run SQLWays Wizard and then follow the steps:

  1. Click Next in the Welcome to Wizard window
  2. In the next window Source Database, you need to specify connection information to connect to DB2 using ODBC driver.

    If you already have ODBC connection to DB2, select ODBC DSN from list, otherwise click New.

    A wizard to create new ODBC connection appears, select System Datasource, click Next, select IBM DB2 ODBC driver, click Finish, and specify ODBC datasource name (DB2_DSN e.g.) and DB2 connection information (server name, database name), click Finish.

    Specify User name and Password for this ODBC connection in SQLWays Wizard, Source DB page.
  3. Next window that you will see will be Target DB; select Oracle, version 11x. Specify connection information, click Next
  4. Select tables to be converted, click Next
  5. Specify DDL and Data Options page. Click Next.
  6. Specify Export Options page.

    Specify export directory. Default is “C:\Program Files\Ispirer\SQLWays\Export”. Click Next.
  7. Specify Import Options page. Click Next.

    Specify a path to the native utilities of your target database in the “Bin Directory” option, to be able to load the definitions and data.
  8. Review Selections. Click Next
  9. Initiate the conversion by clicking “Start Conversion” button. Wait until export is completed, and then run the import process on the “Import” tab on the same page. If required send us logs/content of export directory (specified in 6th step)

If you have any questions regarding the migration process from DB2 z/OS and OS/390 to Oracle, please contact our technical team:

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