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Informix Dynamic Server (IDS) - SET LOCK MODE Statement

Informix - SET LOCK MODE Statement
Syntax SET LOCK MODE TO { NO WAIT | WAIT [seconds] }
Description SET LOCK MODE defines how to handle a process that tries to access a locked row or table.

NO WAIT - the server ends the operation immediately and returns an error code. This is the default behavior for locking.
WAIT - waits until the lock releases (if there are no deadlocks)
WAIT seconds - waits the specified number of seconds and returns an error code if the lock not released.
Standards Informix SQL Extension


SET LOCK MODE TO NOT WAIT;   -- returns an error immediately if a resource locked     
SET LOCK MODE TO WAIT;       -- wait until the lock releases
SET LOCK MODE TO WAIT 31;    -- wait no more than 31 seconds until the lock releases

Equivalents in Other Databases

Database Equivalent Notes
SQL Server SET LOCK_TIMEOUT Statement Time in milliseconds, default is WAIT (wait forever)

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