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Native Tools

Data Volume

To know size of your database in Oracle you can perform the following sql-query in SQL Developer, SQL Worksheet or SQL Plus.

Select SUM(bytes)/(1024*1024) amount_of_data from dba_data_files

The result of this query will be amount of data in MB.

Number of Lines of Code

To know the number of lines of codes in your Oracle Database use ORACLE SQL Developer. Select “Tools” → “Database Export”. It will open Export Wizard window.In this window you have to define SQL file which will contain exporting objects, connection and DDL options.

On the next step you could specify object types to be exported and options for the export operation.

On the 3rd step you can limit the types or objects, and the objects within selected types, for the export operation.

On the 4th step you can review the information that will be used to create the output file, which will contain statements of exported database objects and data according to your specifications.

To create the output file, click Finish. The file is also displayed in a SQL Worksheet window, where you can run it as a script and perform other operations.

And in this SQL Worksheet window you can get the number of lines of codes.To get this number you have to go to the end of this file, click on the last line and in the lower right corner you can see the number of this last line.And it will be the number of lines of code in your SQL file.

So you can use generated SQL file to count the lines of codes of exported objects.

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