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Oracle - System Functions


Function Description
NVL() Replaces NULL value with specified value


Oracle - NVL
Syntax NVL(expr1, expr2)
Description If expr1 is NULL, the function returns expr2. If expr1 is not NULL, the function returns expr1.
The NVL function is usually used to replace NULL values with specified value.
Return Type The arguments expr1 and expr2 can have any datatype. If their datatypes are different, then:
1)If expr1 is character data, then Oracle Database converts expr2 to the data type of expr1 before comparing them and returns VARCHAR2 in the character set of expr1.
2)If expr1 is numeric, then Oracle determines which argument has the highest numeric precedence, implicitly converts the other argument to that datatype, and returns that datatype.

Equivalents in Other Databases

Database Equivalent
SQL Server ISNULL and COALESCE functions

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