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PowerBuilder - Objects, Libraries and Files


PowerBuilder application is a collection of objects such as Windows, Menu, Buttons, DataWindow etc.

  • DataWindow Objects

PowerBuilder applications are often centered around databases. DataWindow objects are used to retrieve, display, and manipulate data. See DataWindow Object for more information.


PowerBuilder objects are stored in one or more libraries (.PBL files). During application execution, PowerBuilder retrieves the objects from the library.


PowerBuilder application consists of the following files:

  • .PBL - Library files
  • .PDB - Dynamic link library files
  • .PBW - Workspace files
  • .PBT - Target files (Specify list of libraries that make up the application)
  • .SRD - DataWindow source files
  • .SRW - Window source files
  • .SRM - Menu source files
  • .SRU - Custom user object source files
  • .SRS - Structure source files
  • .SRP - Data pipeline source files
  • .SRF - Function source files
  • .SRQ - Query source files
  • .SRA - Application source files
  • .SRJ - Project files

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