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Settings for PowerBuilder to ASP.NET conversion

When Demo version of Ispirer Migration & Modernization Toolkit (Ispirer MnMTK) for PowerBuilder to ASP.NET conversion is downloaded from Demo download page, a similar command line may appear just after the tool has been launched:

Command Prompt: /D=FIXED /TARGET=ASP.NET /DIR=C:\Convertdotnet\ /F=D:\Shweta\topaz_powerbuilder\w_topaz.srw /SOURCE=PBScripts

In this case, it is necessary to edit the line in order to perform the conversion. The line should look like that:

Command Prompt: /D=FIXED /TARGET=C# /DIR=C:\Convertdotnet\ /F=D:\Vinitap\mineral_powerbuilder\w_mineral.srw /SOURCE=PBScripts

Also, in the INI file (C:\Users\[current_user]\Documents\Ispirer\SQLWays 7.0\sqlways.ini), the following conversion option should be specified in section [CS]:


In addition, it is recommended to fill in request form here and get a Demo license for PowerBuilder to C# conversion.

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