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PowerBuilder - Tuning and Running SQLWays for SRD and SRU Files Conversion

Now, when you have all the script files, you need to tune SQLWays command line tool to run their conversion. SQLWays processes all the files, extracts SQL statements and converts them to the syntax of the required database. Then all the statements are putted back to their places. The command line that needs to be run is as follows:

 sqlways.exe /f=d:\PB_source_scripts\*.* /source=PBScripts /target=PBScripts /dir=d:\PB_target_scripts

/f – folder containing all the script files
/source & /target – direction of the conversion
/dir – the directory containing the converted scripts

 NOTE: Please, pay attention that Source and Target in our conversion is “PBScript”.

The direction of the conversion for the Embedded in PB application SQL syntax is specified in the sqlways_wzd.ini file in the [COMMON] section for the options as in the example below:

 API_SOURCE_DB=Adaptive Server Enterprise

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