Ispirer Website Ispirer Capabilities - Progress 4GL Conversion Free Trial In order to find a parser error when migrating Progress 4GL to C#.NET, please, fulfill the following steps:

  • Run Ispirer Migration Studio.

  • Specify Progress 4GL as a “Source” and C# as a “Target”:

  • Open the file with parser error (menu File→Open file, then select the file and press OK):

  • In the “Migration Options” window (menu Options→Migrations…) set “INI file path” to your sqlways.ini file and in “Additional options” set “/D=FIXED”:

  • In the section “COMMON” of the “sqlways.ini” file, set “PARSE_ONLY=YES” option.
  • Now everything is ready for finding the exact line with parser error. Press “F5” or click on the “Run” button and you will see the result on the right panel immediately:

  • Try to remove or comment the whole statement one by one and try to do conversion until the parser error disappears. When the source will be parsed with no error, the last removed or commented statement has a parser error. Undo removing or uncomment the code

and just comment the statement with the parser error and check the conversion again – there should be no parser error. If there is still an error – it means that some another statement in the code causes it – find it the way you've just found one.

 Note: complete statements or blocks should be removed or comment during error searching.
  Correct examples:
  /*DEFINE VARIABLE v-line-index AS INTEGER.*/
 /*	IF "aaa" = "dd" THEN DO:
    v-page-ct = v-page-ct + 3.
!Not correct:
IF "aaa" = "dd" THEN DO:
    /*v-page-ct = v-page-ct + 3.
  • After you find all the statements, please map them and send to us – we will fix them and send a new version of our build.

You can also comment all the statements with parser errors in the original code, do conversion and uncomment them in generated results and manually rewrite them to C# syntaxes.

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