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Number of Lines of Code (LOC)

In order to know the number of lines of codes in the objects database you should use Sybase Central utility. In Sybase Central select “Tools”→“SQL Anywhere 12”→“Unload Database”.

After this, you should specify database for unload. You may choose it from current version of the server or earlier version.

Here you need to select “Unload into a reload file”.

After this, you should specify file name.

Here you need to select “Unload all database objects” or, if you want to unload some certain objects, choose the second option.

After clicking on “Finish” button, you should see the unload log.

You can find your SQL file at a specified location.

In order to count up number of lines of code, you may use any text redactor for that. To get this number you have to go to the end of this file, click on the last line and in the lower right corner you can see the number of this last line, which is the number of lines of code in your SQL file.

So you can use generated SQL file to count the lines of code of exported objects.

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