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Sybase ASE - Migration Scope

Versions: Sybase ASE 15.x, 12.5.x, 12.0 and 11.x

Migration from Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise (Sybase ASE) databases includes conversion of the following database objects, SQL and Transact-SQL language constructs and elements:

Database Objects
User-defined data types UDT - sp_addtype
Tables CREATE TABLE statements - NOT NULL, DEFAULT, IDENTITY and CHECK column constraints and properties
Primary and foreign keys, UNIQUE constraints
Views CREATE VIEW statements
Indexes CREATE INDEX statements
Stored procedures CREATE PROCEDURE statements
Functions User-defined functions, UDF - CREATE FUNCTION statements
Triggers CREATE TRIGGER statements
Rules CREATE RULE statements
Defaults CREATE DEFAULT statements
Logins and Users sp_addlogin and sp_adduser

SQL and Transact-SQL language constructs and elements are part of database objects

SQL and Transact-SQL Language Constructs and Elements
Data Types (Built-in data types)
Built-in Functions
Reserved Words
Global Variables
System Procedures
Catalog Stored Procedures
System Extended Stored Procedures
DBCC Stored Procedures

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