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Login Failed For User


After specifying ODBC Data Source and connection credentials to the source MS SQL database, on a“Choose a Source Database” page you may receive an error “Login failed for user”.


Here might be two reasons:

- The indicated password is incorrect.

- The specified user doesn't have enough privileges to connect to the database specified in the ODBC connection.


In order to resolve the issue, please, follow the steps described below:

1. First of all, please, check the provided password. Please, be sure that the password is correct.

2. If the password is correct, but you still receive the same error message, then, please, assign default database to the login you are using and create a user in this database. You can do this using the queries below:

 alter login test_pwd with default_database = itest;  -- Assign default database for login
 use itest;                                           -- We need to use the required database
 create user test_user from login test_pwd;           -- And in the requried database we need to create a user

Only after that we will be able to connect to the required database using our login.

If you have any other questions regarding the usage of our tool, please, contact our support team:

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