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PostgreSQL Data Types - BOOLEAN

Versions: PostgreSQL 8.x and 7.x

Data Boolean data
Range TRUE, FALSE (they are PostgreSQL keywords) and NULL. Possible literal values for true state: TRUE, 'true', 't', 'yes', 'y' and '1'.
Possible literal values for false state: FALSE, 'false', 'f', 'no', 'n' and '0'
Error Handling Leading and trailing spaces are ignored
Storage Size 1 byte
Standards ANSI SQL

PostgreSQL BOOLEAN - Equivalents in Other Databases

Database Data Type and Conversion
SQL Server BIT, 0 or 'false', 1 or 'true' and NULL
MySQL BOOL, BOOLEAN, -128 to 127 and NULL
Sybase ASE BIT, 0 and 1, NULL is not allowed
Informix BOOLEAN, 't', 'f' and NULL

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