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MySQL Data Types - BLOB

Versions: MySQL 5.x, 4.x and 3.23

Syntax BLOB[(n)]
Data Variable-length binary data
Parameters n is the maximum number of bytes, optional
Range 65535 bytes or n if n is specified
Trailing Zeros Not removed when the value is stored and retrieved. Trailing zeros are significant in comparisons
Error Handling Exceeding data truncated and a warning is generated if strict SQL mode is not enabled, otherwise an error is raised
Storage Size Actual entry length
Internals If n is specified, BLOB is converted to the smallest data type large enough to hold n characters. BLOB(<255) is converted to TINYBLOB, BLOB(<16M) is converted to MEDIUMBLOB and BLOB(>16M) is converted to LONGBLOB
Standards MySQL Extension

MySQL BLOB - Equivalents in Other Databases

Database Data Type and Conversion
Oracle BLOB, 4G
SQL Server VARBINARY(n | max), 1 ⇐ n ⇐ 8000, 2G if max is specified
PostgreSQL BYTEA, 2G
Sybase ASE IMAGE, 2G
Informix BYTE, 2G, BLOB, 2T

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Fixed-length binary data BINARY(n)
Variable-length binary data VARBINARY(n) TINYBLOB MEDIUMBLOB
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