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MySQL Data Types - TIME

Versions: MySQL 5.x, 4.x and 3.23

Syntax TIME
Data Time data (hours, minutes and seconds)
Range -838:59:59 to 838:59:59
Storage Size 3 bytes
Standards ANSI SQL

MySQL TIME - Equivalents in Other Databases

Database Data Type and Conversion
Oracle TIMESTAMP(p), 00:00:00:000000000 and 23:59:59:999999999 (nanoseconds accuracy). Contains day part (year, month and day)
SQL Server TIME(p), 00:00:00:0000000 to 23:59:59:9999999 (100 nanoseconds accuracy)
PostgreSQL TIME(p), 00:00:00:000000 to 23:59:59:999999 (microseconds accuracy)
Sybase ASE TIME, 00:00:00:000 to 23:59:59:999 (milliseconds accuracy)
Informix DATETIME HOUR TO SECOND, HOUR TO FRACTION(5), 00:00:00:00000 to 23:59:59:99999 (10 microseconds accuracy)
HP Neoview TIME(p), 00:00:00:000000 and 23:59:59:999999 (microseconds accuracy)
Ingres TIME(p), 00:00:00 and 24:00:00

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