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Informix Dynamic Server (IDS) Data Types - NVARCHAR

Versions: Informix Dynamic Server 11.x, 10.x, 9.x and 7.x

Infromix - NVARCHAR
Syntax NVARCHAR[(n [,r])]
Data Variable-length character data, single-byte and multibyte character sets
Parameters n is the maximum number of bytes, r is the minimum number of bytes reserved for column
Range 1 ⇐ n ⇐ 255, 0 ⇐ r ⇐ n
Default n is 1, r is 0
Padding Not right-padded with spaces to n
Trailing Spaces Not removed when the value is stored and retrieved
Storage Size Actual entry length
Notes The main difference between NVARCHAR and VARCHAR is the collation order
Standards ANSI SQL


CREATE TABLE t_nvarchar (c1 NVARCHAR(30,1));

Informix NVARCHAR - Equivalents in Other Databases

Database Data Type and Conversion
Oracle NVARCHAR(n), 1 ⇐ n ⇐ 4000/charsize
SQL Server NVARCHAR(n | max), 1 ⇐ n ⇐ 8000, 2G if max is specified
MySQL NVARCHAR(n), 1 ⇐ n ⇐ 21845, Unicode - UTF-8
PostgreSQL VARCHAR(n), 1 ⇐ n ⇐ 1G
Sybase ASE NVARCHAR(n), 1 ⇐ n ⇐ pagesize/@@ncharsize (page size is 2K, 4K, 8K or 16K); UNIVARCHAR(n), 1 ⇐ n ⇐ pagesize/@@unicharsize, Unicode
HP Neoview NVARCHAR(n), 1 ⇐ n ⇐ (32708 - size of other columns)
Ingres NVARCHAR(n), 1 ⇐ n ⇐ 16000, Unicode - UTF-8

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